July 31st, 2012

XMFC: deep glance

Fic - God put a smile upon your face - McFassy - PG

Title: God put a smile upon your face
Rating: PG
Pairing: McFassy
Beta: crazymaexchen
Word Count: 3.323
Warnings: mpreg
Disclaimers: Show me a place where I can make this real!
Summary: Written for the mcfassy Spring Fest prompt #25:
They met and imprinted when they filmed Band of Brothers. They have been a couple for ten years and they have couple of kids. Bonded omegas have a hard time getting jobs and no one wants to hire a bonded omega actor. So James has to stay home and take care of their kids while his alpha is traveling all over the world and doing everything he wished he could do.
A/N: I am sorry dear OP. It ended up rather far away from the prompt, but I already created an universe for it, so I will re-visit it!

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