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Picspam - Sam/Castiel/Dean

I'M ALIVE! \o/

finally something new from me, and something different, I hope you like it anyway :)
and there is a Fanmix coming, too. So stay tuned! ;)

Rating: PG(-13)
Pairing: Sam/Dean | Dean/Castiel
Notes: lyric all by Linkin Park (links under pictures)
no beta.

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hope you enjoyed it, and comments are LOVE! :)
PR: holdmaflower_Raleigh

Fic - Your Love Is My Muse - Jared/Jensen - R - Part One

Title: Your Love Is My Muse
Author: yume_odori
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word count: ~4,920
Beta: the_milky_way & mnemosime
Summary: Jared always tried to support his family in every way he could, that is all he ever lived for. But when he meets Jensen, his life is turned upside down.
A/N: Based on the movie Shelter. written for whenboymeetsboy
Disclaimer: no money made, nothing belongs to me, I don't own any rights about this movie.

Part One | Part Two

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